Dear Friends,

First, I want to thank you for your support over the last 16 months as I campaigned to become the next councilmember in District 1.

During that time, I met thousands of district residents, built a steady momentum, and gained growing support from many volunteers, businesses of every size, wide-ranging bipartisan participation and the endorsements of numerous organizations like the Fresno Chamber of Commerce and our very own Fresno Bee.

During my campaign, I released a detailed a plan for the future for our District and the City of Fresno based on input from residents who expressed what they wanted Fresno to become and what they expected from their next councilmember. The result was good planning and sound policy produced in a collaborative way which always results in lasting change.

While I will not be the next councilmember in District 1, I will continue my commitment to improving our City in the following ways:

  1. By working aggressively to develop proper economic development strategies that result in meaningful employment opportunities for Fresno families and much needed revenue for our City;
  2. By seeing that future land use decisions are based on our ability to manage existing resources well, while protecting established neighborhoods and business corridors;
  3. By bringing meaningful long-term solutions to address homelessness in Fresno, and;
  4. By developing long-term strategies focused on quality of life measures to not only keep, but to recruit a well-trained labor force prepared for tomorrow's diverse economy.

I am so very grateful to everyone who gave me their encouragement, time, support, and prayers. This was indeed the experience of a lifetime and remember, it's Our District, Our City and Our Future!